This has been a long time in the making. I have waved back and forth on doing this and now I have finally made up my mind to convert the pre-recorded music I own to CD and mp3s. Why has it taken me so long? Many reasons (and most of them are poor excuses) but I have been blessed with another computer so now I can devote one just to converting songs. I have always started but to be honest never really had the patience nor the space to begin this task but now I am older, wiser and willing to let go of the cassettes once I have converted them(I’m not going to lie, that is going to be so hard for me but as my geek brother told me, “it’s for a good cause” and he’s right). I will try and convert 2 cassettes a day. Why just two? You take on this task and you will see what I mean. You have to…

  • rip them to computer(I’m using an old but stable software I have used for years, Roxio 6
  • name each track
  • listen back to see if the level is up to my standard(like I’m all that…wait a minute, I am. (jk)
  • convert to wav(burn to CD)
  • convert to mp3 (i think I will format them 192kps)

converting two cassettes is cool for now. ^_^ According to time I will post one or two songs from into my podcast I will be started up again and I have really missed that but working two jobs did not give me time to do it. Now that I have given up the second job I can get back to what is important to me, God, my wife, our family, and of course my geekness (“oh my precious I have missed you”…in my Gollum voice). The two LP cassettes I chose are Peter Gabriel’s “So” and Chet Atkins’ “C.G.P.{Certified Guitar Player}. When I was younger I pictured myself writing a screenplay about a two young kids growing up and as they got older going their separate ways, one becomes a FBI agent and the other a DEA agent not knowing that his childhood friend was a product of the “Eve” project (check out the X-Files episode to get the idea). Of course it never came to past but I have always pictured using some of these tracks from this album as I wrote the screenplay(who knows as I listen to different cassettes I convert it may spark me to start that screenplay after all ) I have always loved this album. It has a eerie but deep meaning for me.

The very first track Red Rain the first time hearing it pulled me in and until the end of the LP held me there. To me only a couple of LPs has told a story from the beginning track to the end…Prince’s “1999”, Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and this album by Peter Gabriel. It’s very haunting but mesmerizing at the same time.

I don’t know why I bought this album but I am so glad I did. I had never heard of Chet Atkins and to my shame I haven’t bought another album since but it will change as of this year. C.G.P…Certified Guitar Player is a album I think everyone should have in their library. I posted some of the tracks from this remarkable album and I never grow tired of it. Just hearing Chet smooth playing puts me in mind of a nice, cool autumn day walking with my wife hand and hand through Forest Park. On the second track to hear Chet and Johnny Gimble on the fiddle always brings a huge smile to my face and I can not wait until October winds, October leaves as they fall from the trees, the smell Thanksgiving right around the corner.

The more I think about this, this may be a fun journey for me after all.