I have finally had a chance to put together some of my favorite tracks from one of my all time favorite jazz vocalist, Michael Franks. I only listen to a hand full of vocalist when it comes jazz and he is one of them. I remember first hearing “Your Secret Safe With Me”. I have some of his songs on this blog but to be able to bring about 16 tracks of Mr. Franks is so cool.

Thanx to my brother in podcasting ejflavors for helping me with this task.

Tracks that’s on the podcast…

01 This Must Be Paradise
02 Speak To Me
03 Soul Mate
04 Sunday Morning Here With You
05 Under The Sun
06 Now I Know Why (They Call It Falling)
07 Eggplant
08 Island Life
09 Woman In The Waves
10 Leading Me Back to You
11 When Sly Calls
12 Your Secret’s Safe With Me
13 Rainy Night In Tokyo
14 Rendezvous In Rio
15 Now You’re in My Dreams
16 How I Remember You

check it out>>>go here (right click to download podcast)