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This podcast will showcase tunes that I come across in thrift stores where I find cassettes LPs that have sentimental value. I like to bring songs that you may have heard, some you may have heard, tracks that didn’t make the air waves years back but for me they hold a place in my heart. Each month I will bring you tunes from 3-4 LPs and showcase tracks from each of these artists.

When I find music I try and find LPs that I enjoy every track because for me I don’t believe in wasting money buying a LP where it’s only 2 or 3 songs I like and the rest I can’t stand. This is why I go back in time to find music that back in the day you could play the entire LP and it was hard for you to pick only a couple of songs you truly enjoy…for me that’s a true LP. (as you can see I’m from the ol’ school because I’m still calling them LPs).

In this set I will bring you music from LPs Worldwide, Soundtrack from Twin Peaks, Aquamarine. So sit back, chill and enjoy the ride.

Laura Palmer’s Theme & Dance of the Dream Man tracks from Twin Peaks soundtrack
Understanding & Twin Cities from Everything But The Girl
My Blue Star & In The Court of the Mermaid from Friedemann

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