This should have been posted last week but family events came up and to be honest I was a “little” lazy but I’m back on track with ThriftStoreGems. This is part 2 of the artists Danny Wilson, Sam Cardon, T-Square and the compilation cassette LP GRP Presents The Wave 102.5fm. As I mentioned before for me every track on Danny Wilson’s “Meet Danny Wilson” was really nice and I feel they never got a fair shake here in the states so I am glad I am able to bring it to you.

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Music Played in this order…

  1. Nothing Ever Goes To Plan…….Danny Wilson
  2. Up Town…….T-Square
  3. Cruise-Eddie Daniels……GRP Presents The Wave 102.5FM
  4. Infrared Eyes…..Sam Cardon
  5. Snowbird…..T-Square
  6. Mary’s Prayer……Danny Wilson
  7. In the Middle of the Night-Dave Grusin……GRP Presents The Wave 102.5FM
  8. Chelsea’s Day…..Sam Cardon
  9. I Won’t Be Here When You Get Home…….Danny Wilson
  10. Labyrinth Of Love…..T-Square
  11. Reconnaissance…..Sam Cardon
  12. Wind Song…..T-Square

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