This netcast is a mixture of laidback tracks with a little “pick me up” tunes thrown in here. I hope your work week was not too stressful and that you now have time to just relax, close your eyes and just enjoy some “me” time for a change.

As always, sit back and enjoy the music I bring to you

tracks played in this order…

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01. Breakfast At Tiffany’s……Harry Allen
02. Central Calm…….Skywards
03. Firewater…….Gaia
04. Fish & Chips…….The Promises Power
05. Man O’ War…….Sam Yahel Trio
06. Nowadayz…….Todd Kelley{Big La}
07. Pachelbel For The Potomac…….Laura Sullivan
08. Route 66…….Onirika
09. Rylynn…….Don Ross, Andy McKee
10. Ships That Sail Away For Ever 2…….Nick Webb
11. The Love of Patricia…….Ed Pazant
12. World Forgetting (Original Mix)…….Iridium Flares

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intro underscore music: the late, great george howard “when summer comes
outro underscore music: spyro gyra “harbor nights

And another BIG shout out to my bro Todd Kelley for providing the track “Nowadayz
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