Another work week has come and gone and for some of you TGIF has a very true meaning for this time. This is the time for you to find a nice, quiet corner of your home for some “me” time. This weekend of music I gathered gives me that feeling of just turning the lights down, lighting a some candles, gazing out the windows(for me it’s looking at the night snow. I hope this music brings a smile to your face, helps set your mind, body, and spirit at ease. (and you know I had to throw in a track to make you say, “what the heck was he thinking?”)

The beautiful thing for me when finding music from different genres is that it opens your mind, your creativity to many cool things and for me it allows the world to know that it’s not good to lock yourself just to one type of music.

So as always, kick back, relax and let me take you to another place.

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Music played in this order…
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01. Butterfly…….Saidux
02. Cappucino…….Chicago Jazz Project
03. Dolphins…….Montreux
04. Green Dragon Goes Out Of The Water…….Namaste
05. Reverence…….Tim Wheater, David Lord
06. So Post All ‘Em…….YACHT
07. Patience…….Mike Nock Project
08. Trite……..Di Johnston
09. Untitled 2…….Dreamlin
10. Wake Up…….Torcuato Mariano
11. What is Your Prayer for?…….Ron Blake, Christain McBride
12. Cloud Dancing…….Paul Sills
13. Daydreams…….Schoerz & Scott

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intro underscore music by ToddKelley{Nowadayz}
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underscore music by Artie Traum(Quiet Volcano}
from his Acoustic Jazz Guitar LP
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