Another weekend has come and this weekend has brought snow our way here in St. Louis. Kinda snowed in yes…more time to look for ThriftStoreGems…oh yeah. Back when I first moved here to St. Louis there was a college station that played really good music. Smooth jazz, new age music and 3 of the 4 artists I’m showcasing I first there.

Full Swing was a group that in the mid and late 90s had that Manhattan Trasfers feel to it. The first track I heard from them was “2Good2Be4gotten”. It was something about their harmony that hooked me right off the back. 4 songs will be coming from the cassette LP, “In Full Swing”

Stanley Jordan is one of the guitarist where you hear him play, then he drops off the face of the earth and you ask, “Where the heck did he go?” He is not one of those tragic stories where he got hooked on drugs and fell from grace…no, he went to college, got his degree and is doing just fine. He owns a book and music store in Arizonia and I believe he has his master degree in Music Therapy. 3 tracks I will showcase from “Flying Home” cassette LP

Michael Deep was an artist I gravitated to because before him I got hooked on andreas vollenweider (he plays the acoustic/electric harp). While working at the now defunct The Nature Company stores we sold different music, mostly new age music and when I first heard Michael Deep’s cassette LP “Thru the Harp” I couldn’t believe the harp could be used in this way of music. Mostly electronic but still one of my favorite LPs because to listen to the tracks makes you unwind, close your eyes and just let your cares just leave your body. I will be showcasing 3 tracks from this LP.

I know I sould like an ol’ head but “back when VH1 was playing videos” they had this segment that use to come on Sunday mornings showcasing smooth jazz, bluegrass, soft rock videos and the first time I heard “The Captain of her Heart” and saw all of those beautiful women I was like, Oh My Gosh…I want to live there.” The group Double( from Switzerland was to me, again, a group was just known for their one hit but for me they were a smooth jazz duo. 3 Tracks from the “Blue” LP are in this music segment.

So kick back and enjoy my flashback with me will ya?

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songs in playing order…
2 Good 2 Be 4gotten…….Full Swing
Dance Of The Divas…….Michael Deep
Tropical Storm…….Stanley Jordan
Woman of The World…….Double
The Jungle…….Full Swing
Benny’s Song…….Michael Deep
Street Talk…….Stanley Jordan
Last Port of Call…….Full Swing
Those Eyes…….Michael Deep
Stairway To Heaven…….Stanley Jordan
Rangoon Moon……Double
Dance of the Seven Veils…….Full Swing
The Capatain of Heart…….Double

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