I met this brother in podcasting last year and I have been boppin’ my head to his beats from that day on. It’s one thing to love music but to have an ear for beats: when to blend them, when to let them fade out, how long to let it flow…I do not care what anyone says, to me that is a gift.

Todd Kelley is a guy that every time I hear a new mix from him he give me hope that true hip-hop is not dead. I have to be honest, I gave up on dj mixing for a very long time and it was not that I met this gifted cat through Fave that I realize that it’s not dead…you just have to look for great things. Some things you have to dig for and when you find them you share it with the world and this Big La is a that gold mine vein I tap into time and time again. What really hooked me on Todd is when he created the flow for T.J. Brown‘s “The Chance of Rain“. When hearing that cut only thing I could do was shake my head in delight and say to myself, Where the heck has this dude been…better yet…why haven’t you come across this guy sooner?

One of my favorite mixes by Todd Kelley
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Macedonia is a guy again I heard from Fave’s netcast and I have to admit I am great gratitude for Macedonia and BSOTS. I tell people time and time again (and showing my age) that being a 70s kid we had the best of both worlds. I came up in an age where the Walkman first appeared, when video games first became popular and in the late 70s and early 80s hip-hop first caught my ear. For me that is when you had true djs digging through crates of music mixing beats together that could stretch out for hours on end you did not what the party to end. This is what Macedonia brings to the set. Again I say you have to have a gift for this and this cat does. I know you have to practice at your craft to get better but to me some men and women either you have it or you don’t. I truly love music but mixing beats is not my gift…my gift is sharing it with the masses because in todays world of homogenized music BSOTS is a breath of fresh air. I’m a Jazz/New Age/Bluegrass kinda fellow but you can never forget where you began. I was blessed to be exposed to different genres of music but I always pay attention to the people in the background rather than focus on the singer my focus has been the musicians or DJs because without the beats (especially now days) many singers will not have a ghost of chance making it.

A great mix from Macedoni
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I thank dudes like Todd, Macedonia, Fave for having me rethink my view on hip-hop and R&B because for me I thought true innovation was long dead in those genres.