What started out as what I thought was going to be easy turned out to be a much tougher but fun project. The cool thing about being diverse in music is that you have huge selection of music to choose from but the worst thing about being diverse in music is, well…the huge selection of music to choose from.

Valentine’s Day has always been special to me because I was that geek that always believed in true love(and man o’ man I had my heart crushed so many times, but hey that’s in the past). When it came to music for me it didn’t matter if music genre was r&b, rock, country, pop…if the lyrics had deep meaning and the music arrangement was cool, I had to have it. Fast forward some years where I began listening to jazz, new age, ambient for me that was icing on the cake.

The selection I have chosen comes from different genres but for me they speak one language…love, good times, hope, romance. I hope these tracks move you the way they have moved me over the years and as always…

Be Blessed, Be Safe,
& Have a Wonderful Valentine’s Day.

{Dedicated 2 my Queen…you make me smile just thinking of you.}

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01. Lost in Love-Air Supply
02. So Into You-Tamia
03. Life in the Trees-Michael Manring
04. Sharing the Night Together-Dr. Hook
05. I Call Your Name-Switch
06. Hey!-Nicolay
07. Walking Through Walls-Philip Aaberg
08. Nights Are Forever Without You-England Dan & John Ford Coley
09. Every Little Thing I Do-Soul for Real
10. Safe Harbor-Richard Souther
11. Violet-Seal
12. I Can’t Tell You Why-The Eagles
13. Road to Hanna-Shadowfax
14. Dreaming of You-Selena

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