Back to normal for the netcasters. The Cupid Hunt’s was a great success and big thanx and shout out goes to Todd Grundy & Anewlis. I’m not going to lie, I almost became lazy and was going to let this Saturday come and go without posting my netcasts but I can’t do that because it wouldn’t be right.

Once I recorded the netcast I was happy that fought my laziness because the three artists I’m showcasing I think you will enjoy.

It’s the weekend, kick back, relax and let the next hour of music bring a smile to your face

click here to listen{right click to download}

bandwith provided by ejflavors

tracks played in the following order…
01. All Or Nothing At All-Al Jarreau
02. Babylon Sisters-Steely Dan
03. Easy Come, Easy Go-Passport
04. Pleasure Over Pain-Al Jarreau
05. Heavy Nights-Passport
06. Sign In Stranger-Steely Dan
07. It’s Magic-Passport
08. Third World Man-Steely Dan
09. Remembrance-Passport
10. Heart’s Horizon-Al Jarreau

for a pdf copy of the songs, artists, albums click here

from the cassette LPs…

  1. Al Jarreau……..Heart’s Horizon
  2. Steely Dan……..Alive In America
  3. Passport……….Heavy Nights

each LP you can find at