This I think may be one of my favorite netcast to date. Back in the late 80’s I was just coming into jazz music not knowing anything about new age, folk, ambient music at the time. When I finally sat down and began listening to Andreas Vollenweider for me that was an door opening for me that would never close.

I have other works by Andreas but this will always be my favorite by him. What blew me away was this was the only LP besides Pink Floyd’s The Wall that just about every track blended into the next one. I could not pick out just one tune from Down To The Moon because for me that would break the mellow flow of this LP. I also included a couple of Windham artists that in the near future I will be doing a podcast devoted just to the early artists of Windham Hill. (if you get a chance check out Will Ackerman’s site and his beautiful studio, Imaginary Road Studio…very nice indeed).

Now, this is a podcast where you really need to just find somewhere to chill, light some candles and just “be”.


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Down To The Moon-Andreas Vollenweider
1. Down to the Moon
2. Moon Dance
3. Steam Forest
4. Water Moon
5. Night Fire Dance

6. Quiet Observer
7. Silver Wheel
8. Drown in Pale Light
9. The Secret, The Candle and Love
10. Hush-Patience at Bamboo Forest
11. Three Silver Ladies Dance
12. La Lune et L’Enfant

A Mini Windham Sampler of What’s To Come
13. Rameau’s NephewPhilippe Saisee
14. Because It’s ThereMichael Hedges
15. *Floyd’s GhostWilliam Ackerman
16. Another CountryShadowfax

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intro music: Artie Traum: Mysterious Stranger
{from the Acoustic Jazz Guitar LP}

*correction-Floyd’s Ghost is only on the Imaginary Roads LP and not on his Retrospective LP as I mentioned in the podcast. My apologies.