Another day, another podcast. I hope everyone has had a great work week and now it’s time for you to kick back, relax and check out the tunes I have for this weekend. Like my new look for my blog. It was funny because I had one template and I guess around the same time Firefox was doing there updates but I thought it was the template that was not stable so I changed it to this and at first I didn’t dig it but now I love and it’s gonna stay for a while.

Enough about my sad story, this week picks is as always, an eclectic array of tunes that I think will tickle the fancy of everyone. One track that’s been getting heavy rotation on my iPod has been by Renee Sebastian. It’s amazing how sometimes when you just ask you will be amazed on what you get. She is a member of the cool site SoulCommune and I happened to see her space and played the video by her and loved the song. I am emailed her to see if I could use her track and not only did she send me the track but the video for the track as well. Other podcast from this past week was really on point and of course I will have them listed in the show notes. So many talented podcasters that are doing their thing. I am just happy to have gotten the nerve to throw my hat in this music ring.

Download{right click here and enjoy}
Side o1
o1. Mysterious Stranger(~03:28)-Artie Traum
o2. These Are The Signs(~07:58)-Renee Sebastian
o3. Adult Content/Brief Nudity(~11:00)-Michael Manring
o4. 99(~14:48)-Toto
o5. Anything But No(~20:05)-Fave{Big La Remix}
o6. Agama(~23:29) (Traditional tune that i wanted to cover)-Franck Colman, Black Yovo
o7. An Evening At Home(~31:07) – Part 1-Steve Hogarty
Side o2
o8. Moving The River(~36:21)-Prefab Sprout
o9. Song for Joel(~40:09) (Studio)-Shaun Fisher
1o. Gasolina Remix 2005(~43:30)-DJ Fila-AB Fiesta-Daddy Yankee- NORE-Pit Bul-daddy yankee
11. Making Whoopee(~49:13)-Stephane Grappelli
12. Sugar, Sugar(~52:41)-The Archies
13. Edge of the Ocean(~55:35)-ivy
14. Him(~59:56)-Rupert Holmes
15. Don’t Disturb This Groove(~01:04:26)-The System
Bonus Tracks
16. Etherea Borealis(~01:09:36)-Aurah
17. Starfield Part 1(~01:14:56)-Felixdroid
18. The Camera Never Lies(~01:29:37)-Michael Franks
19. Snakes and Ladders(~01:33:11)-Joni Mitchell

podcast this past week that caught my attention…
The Struggle With Unforgiveness
Todd Kelley[The Background Flow – Volume 6]
DJ Diva
The Sounds of Phuture Frequency with Q the Physicist
IR Chicago #19 – Relaxin’ with Kara Jean
DYKC?™ #20 — Perfectionism + Pride = Procrastination
RIBS TPTD: Xquizzyt Soul-Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes, O’Jays and Spinners…
The Meltdown: Prognosis Borderline
Sunday Soundtrack – 13 Apr 08
friday favecast-move

bandwith provided by ejflavors
intro music by todd kelley

music from
Agama ConceptFranck Colman, Black Yovo
“Agama” (mp3)
from “Agama Concept”
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An Evening At HomeSteve Hogarty
“An Evening At Home – Part 1” (mp3)
from “An Evening At Home”
(Global Journey)
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Body & SoulShaun Fisher
“Song for Joel” (mp3)
from “Body & Soul”
(Goin Native Records)
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Loving Annabelle - Original Film ScoreAurah
“Etherea Borealis” (mp3)
from “Loving Annabelle – Original Film Score”
(Very Music)
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