Man I haven’t brought a ThriftStoreGems to the masses in a minute but this one is kind of special for me. While I was converting these it brought me back to the time when I worked at a store called The Nature Company back in the late 80s. What was so cool about this store was that this was a store that was like a dream come true for a grown up. The artists I will be showcasing will be acoustic guitarist Govi, new age/electronic group Tangerine Dream, and folk/pop artist James Taylor.

These 3 cassettes LPs I converted makes me think of a time when began the road of truly seeing myself as my Creator sees me. I met and worked with cool people, worked in a place where being surrounded by nice music, astronomy, nature, learning about rocks and minerals…it was like heaven. I have to admit I screwed up the job because I wore my emotions on my sleeves when it came to my manager/boss and in the end it was my undoing. But the time I was there I learned that it was truly cool to like science and nature and working in that type of environment I met people that conversation was warm, informing, challenging, and made you seek to do better with your life.

Cassette LP that will be showcases will be…
James TaylorThat’s Why I’m Here
GoviHeart Of a Gypsy
Tangerine DreamCanyon Dreams

Find you a cool place to chill for the evening, light some candles, kick back, relax and enjoy.

click here to listen{right-click to download}
o1. That’s Why I’m Here-James Taylor(~o3:o1)
o2. Danz del Mango-Govi(~o6:3o)
o3. Shadow Flyer-Tangerine Dream(~1o:33)
o4. Everyday-James Taylor(~16:o6)
o5. Pied Piper-Govi(~19:11)
o6. Water’s Gift-Tangerine Dream(~23:58)
o7. Only A Dream In Rio-James Taylor(~29:24)
o8. Summer Breeze-Govi(~34:15)
o9. Sudden Revelation-Tangerine Dream(~39:00)
1o. Festiva’l-Govi(~43:24)
11. Colorado Dawn-Tangerine Dream(~46:30)
12. Only One-James Taylor(~54:11)

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intro music-Artie Traum(Mysterious Stranger)
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