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I have to admit, for some reason this podcast was actually fun putting together. Maybe it’s because I think I have found my niche in reference to recording my podcast, maybe it’s because I’m bringing this to you bi-weekly instead of every week. I don’t know but I think this is a pretty good collection of music for this show.

Thanx to my geek brother Steve for suggestion I need to begin putting piano composition in the podcast so this one has two piano solos and a couple of well known pianist. As always kick back, unwind, relax and enjoy.

this podcast is going out to my Vox buddies, Steve, Jen(in Colorado), Matt, Lauren, Shawn, Suni, Jen(in NY) and the rest of the Vox neighbors that’s been with me from the very beginning.

Thank You.

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::check out the very cool blog/podcast over at 4 brothers beats{2.0} where you get the true, ol’ school tunes. very nice site::

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music tracks in playing order…

o1. What We Need{~o3:14}-Joe Pacino
o2. Listening to Evening{~o8:35}-A.W. Mathiew
o3. Ilha B’nit(Beautiful Island){~15:32}-Alon Yavnai
o4. Arborea{~22:16}-Andrew Kinsella
o5. All God’s Children{~28:47}-Joe Sample***
o6. The Raiders March{~34:57}-John Williams (thanx Tgrundy)
o7. Way of the Zen Warrior{~37:39}-Oshari
o8. Out to Play{~44:55}-Paul Dondero
o9. This Must Be The Place(Naive Melody){~48:18}-Talking Heads
1o. Waltz from Woman of Tokyo{~53:o9}-Wayne Horvitz Gravitas Quartet
11. Bright Light{~58:51}-Alexis Cuadrado
12. Between Friends{~o1:o9:13}-3rd Force **

music from iodapromonet

Beijing Lounge 2008Joe Pacino
“What We Need” (mp3)
from “Beijing Lounge 2008”
(Purha Records)
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Travel NotesAlon Yavnai
“Ilha B’nit (Beautiful Island)” (mp3)
from “Travel Notes”
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EvolutionAndrew Kinsella
“Arborea” (mp3)
from “Evolution”
(MG Music Ltd)
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“Way Of The Zen Warrior” (mp3)
from “Samurai”
(MG Music Ltd)
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One Dance AloneWayne Horvitz Gravitas Quartet
“Waltz from Woman of Tokyo” (mp3)
from “One Dance Alone”
(Songlines Recordings)
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PuzzlesAlexis Cuadrado
“Bright Light” (mp3)
from “Puzzles”
(Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records)
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intro music: todd kelley

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