This is a podcast I have wanted to put together for the longest and now it’s finally here. Special EFX has been one of my favorite duos for close to 20 years. I will admit up front this is the first of 3 podcast for this group because with the four cassette LPs I’m showcasing I love every cut on each of their LPs. I will be bringing you three tracks from “Slice of Life”, “Mystique”, “Double Feature”, and “Just Like Magic.

First hearing Chieli Minucci and the late George Jinda back in the late 80s defined my ears for Smooth Jazz/New Age/World Fusion music forever. I am so glad that Minucci is continuing the Special EFX group since the passing of George in 2001. I hope you enjoy the tracks as much as I had a great time putting this together.

Let me know what you think of the tunes. Email me at…

click here to listen{right click to download}

music tracks in playing order…
o1. Uptown East(from Slice of Life)
o2. Hands of the Healer(from Mystique)
o3. Lady and the Sea(from Double Feature)
o4. Ballerina(from Just Like Magic)
o5. The Flow(from Slice of Life)
o6. Rainy Sunday(from Mystique)
o7. Jamaica, Jamaica(from Double Feature)
o8. Jazz Lambada(from Just Like Magic)
o9. Aquabogue(from Slice of Life)
1o. Udu Voodoo(from Mystique)
11. Passages(from Double Features)
12. Lovely Michelle(from Just Like Magic)
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