I don’t know why but for some reason songs from Steely Dan and Donald Fagen has been on my mind for a while. I have wanted to do a Steely Dan/Donald Fagen podcast but the Godfather of podcasting had already created some really cool podcast but my mind would not let me drop it so here it is.

Walter Becker’s website

These tracks are going to be from Steely Dan’s
Everything Must Go
Two Against Nature

and Donald Fagen’s…
The Nightfly
Morph the Cat

Another thing is that I’m breaking these down into 2 podcast because I did not want to put 18 tracks all on one podcast (I’m trying to keep my podcast about an hour or a little over). You know down the road there will be more Steely Dan/Donald Fagen but for now I’m taking baby steps. I can’t put my finger on it but whenever I hear Steely Dan or Donald Fagen tune I just have to stop and listen.

Enjoy the music

Steely Dan/Donald Fagen LP1
click here to listen{right click to download}
music tracks in playing order…
o1. Black Cow(from Aja)
o2. Trans-Island Skyway(from Kamakiriad)
o3. Aja(from Aja)
o4. Countermoon(from Kamakiriad)
o5. Babylon Sisters(from Gaucho)
o6. Morph the Cat(from Morph the Cat)
o7. Hey Nineteen(from Gaucho)
o8. H Gang(from Morph the Cat)
o9. Peg{instrumental}(from Aja DVD)

Steely Dan/Donald Fagen LP2
click here to listen{right click to download}
music tracks in playing order…
o1. The Last Mall(from Everything Must Go)
o2. I.G.Y.(from The Nightfly)
o3. Things I Miss the Most(from Everything Must Go)
o4. Green Flower Street(from The Nightfly)
o5. True Companion(from Gold)
o6. Gaslighting Abbie(from Two Against Nature)
o7. Century’s End(from Gold)
o8. What a Shame About Me(from Two Against Nature)
o9. Josie{instrumental}(from Aja DVD)

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