I have been sitting on this music for a while and now I have a chance to bring you these ThriftStoreGems. Two cassettes I have never listened to until I converted them. The cassette LPs I converted were Michael Kamen’s “Concerto for Saxophone“; Shadowfax’s “Esperanto“; Windham Hill Artists’ “A Winter’s Solstice 2

I truly enjoy this type of music because it makes me sit back and take stock of what’s going on with me and how thankful I am for what I have and what God has blessed me to achieve.

Enjoy the music
music track in playing order…
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o1. Concerto for Sanborn and Orchestra 1nd Movement-Michael Kamen feat. David Sanborn
o2. Return Of The Nairobi Trio-Shadowfax
o3. The Gift-Philip Aaberg
o4. Helen Claire-Michael Kamen feat. David Sanborn
o5. Neither Here Nor There-Shadowfax
o6. 17th Century Canon-Paul McCandless
o7. Sasha-Michael Kamen feat. David Sanborn
o8. Foundwind-Shadowfax
o9. Prelude Cello Suite#1(GMajor)-Michael Hedges
1o. Zoe-Michael Kamen feat. David Sanborn
11. Sung to Sleep-Michael Manring
12. Moonskater-Shadowfax

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into music: artie traum
outro music: andy mckee