This podcast is all over the place (in my eyes) but it’s a good thing. Couple of the tracks are kind of on the world music side but it’s all good. A couple tracks you may have heard from my earlier ThriftStoreGems podcast but I’m sure you will not mind as long as the tunes are nice.

Quick shout out to Nikki, Anjibee, Anewlis, Fave, Doug Fresh for really cool podcasts. Our sister in podcasting[Nikki] will be off grid for a minute due to her work schedule…your podcast will be missed.
I have a track in this podcast from Joe Sample/Lalah Hathway and a great tune from the late/great Al Wilson. ^_^ TGrundy put together a very nice podcast in honor of Mr. Wilson.

Enjoy the music and give me some feedback in reference to this podcast and some of my earlier podcast.

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music tracks in playing order
01. Letschti Nacht-Wilbert Junior Gill, Stephan Urwyler
03. Lost In Experimental Garbage-Tho|So|Aa
04. Ja Mudh Ja-Da Saz
05. Dreaming At The Wheel-Sam Cardon
06. The Voodoo Blues-Peter Samuels
07. Come Along with Me-Joe Sample/Lalah Hathaway
08. Ain’t Got No Love Dub-Dubmatix
09. Show and Tell-Al Wilson
10. Loverin’-Mark Weinstein
11. Home Life-John Mayer
12. Alice’s Fax-Öhman Organ Grinders
13. Walking Through Walls-Philip Aaberg

music from iodapromonet

CaribeyeWilbert Junior Gill, Stephan Urwyler
“Letschti Nacht” (mp3)
from “Caribeye”
(PInk DoGG)
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“Lost In Experimental Garbage” (mp3)
from “Absorb”
(Tesco Distribution Germany)
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Jet LagDa Saz
“Ja Mudh Ja” (mp3)
from “Jet Lag”
(Phat Phish Records)
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Chill Out - JazzPeter Samuels
“The Voodoo Blues” (mp3)
from “Chill Out – Jazz”
(Global Journey)
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Dread & Gold - Dub from the Smoke FactoryDubmatix
“Ain’t Got No Love Dub” (mp3)
from “Dread & Gold – Dub from the Smoke Factory”
(7 Arts Entertainment)
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Straight No ChaserMark Weinstein
“Loverin'” (mp3)
from “Straight No Chaser”
(Jazzheads Records)
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Ã�hman Organ GrindersÖhman Organ Grinders
“Alice’s Fax” (mp3)
from “Ã�hman Organ Grinders”
(Four Leaf Clover Records)
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outro music: hey by nicolay