Usually when I produce my podcast I have a mixture of tunes from the podsafe network site iodapromonet and compositions from my own library but this one all of the tracks are from iodapromonet. Another cool thing is that when I download them I listen to a snippet of each track to see if it’s either yeah or nay but this go round I took a “leap of faith” and the tunes I’m showcasing are really nice and I know in the future some of these cuts will find their way in a MyLoveForMusic:Twilight episode.[to read my thoughts on this podcast go here]

[right click to download]

  1. Orgel-Akira Kosemura
  2. De Selby’s Earth-Bourne Davis Kane
  3. Jeanette La Rouge-Bryan Patterson
  4. Joy-Mr De’
  5. Whistle Jam-Bunkerstudio
  6. Do It To It-Mr. De’
  7. Fly Inside My Heart-Bunkerstudio
  8. Listless-Keven Figes Quartet
  9. At Heaven’s Gate(Recorded in March of 2008)-Peter Kater
  10. By The By-Mr. De’
  11. Silver Red 1-Qua

music from iodapromonet
bandwith provided by ejflavors