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**By Popular Demand It’s Back!!!

Before my love for jazz, new age, ambient, downtempo music I grew up listening to Rock(Aerosmith, Queen, Black Sabbath, ZZ Top), R&B(Parliament/Funkadelic, Ohio Players, Con-Funk Shun, Lakeside, WAR), some country, little Blues(that was my mother’s department). This edition has mostly Rock and R&B because I have always paid attention to the “musicians” more so than the vocalist. What’s really cool about this for myself is now I can record as many of these types of podcast and not worrying about being talked about (plus the fact now that I’m 6’4″ and weighing about 285 I have no problems with this now). For me, music has always been universal because it amazes me how people can put this notes together, play them and have cool music produced.

ZZ Top has always been one of my favorite groups because it’s only 3 members and the drummer name is Frank Beard(and he’s the only in the group that does not have a beard). Areosmith was another group that I grew up listening to and my first Areosmith LP was “Rocks“(which I have to get again because “Sick As A Dog” is my favorite tune on this LP and this was the first time I heard of a six-string bass guitar). I put in Kelis because (1) I love the tune and (2) she is a cutie pie. ^_^

(Don’t Fear) The Reaper is a great sounding tune but lets be honest…promoting sucide…umm, that’s not good.(but I still like the tune…does that make me sick?). “Whip It” and “Pearl Necklace“…I will leave that up to your imagination. When first hearing the tune “Cars” by Gary Numan…that let me know it was cool to be a geek. The track Aqua Boogie is one of my favorite tracks because of the keyboard work of Bernie Worrell and let’s face it…George Clinton is a genius when it comes to r&b/electronic/dance tunes.

Most of these tracks are from the 80’s and one or two tracks from the 90’s.

Shout outs to Me-saj and Jason over at The Half Show, tgrundy over at RIBS, Macedonia over at Radio Bsots, Suni T, Fave, Nikki, dj diva, Todd Kelley, Anjibee, TVTechGrl, Doug (Cool Breeze) Fresh, Anewlis, HotFish, luvsels, Jennifer(NY), Jennifer(CO), Lauren&Shawn(you guys are so cool), GrantLOVE, Norvell(the Jazz Suite), Lo(4President), Clarence, Ms Genevieve my geek brothers, Eddie, Javier(JC), mr. grumpyhead himself…Luis. Robert Holiday and anyone else I fool hardly forget

tracks that will have you
bangin’ your head or boppin’
up and down.

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  1. Got Me Under Pressure-ZZ Top
  2. Back In The Saddle-Aerosmith
  3. Caught Out There-Kelis
  4. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper-Blue Oyster Cult
  5. Whip It-Devo
  6. Pearl Necklace-ZZ Top
  7. Cars-Gary Numan
  8. Aqua Boogie(A Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop)-Parliament
  9. Award Tour-A Tribe Called Quest
  10. She Blinded Me With Science-Thomas Dolby
  11. We Close Our Eyes-Go West
  12. Miami-Will Smith
  13. Vivrant Thing-Q-Tip
  14. I’ll Wait-Van Halen
  15. Golden Time of Day-Maze feat. Frankie Beverly
  16. Clocks-Coldplay

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**Well in my head it’s popular at least


This podcast has more vocal tracks than my usual/laid back episodes but I wanted a more surreal feel to this one. With all of my down tempo shows I want the listener to feel relaxed, not think about what they have had to go through the past days or past week. I am so blessed for the fact that I can now put tracks together that many would not think of doing and give me my twist on it. Whenever I used to make mix tapes for myself I always imagined putting it together as if it was a soundtrack and now I am blessed to put it out for the masses to check out.

Big SHOUT OUTS to Nikki, Anewlis for not only producing wonderful podcasts but now these beautiful, talented sistas has moved their craft over to their own sites. These two are making headway in the podcasting community and making all of us step up our game…but in a very positive way. Another shout out to Me-Saj and Jason for posting my phone call and Macedonia’s phone call on the web from their podcast(project 059), “The Half Show“. This husband/wife duo have a very cool, fun, and entertaining show and to mentioned by Jason was really cool (and yes, I would love to be on your(me-saj & jason’s) show. ^_^

I hope this podcast relaxes you and takes you to another place because for me, music has always transcended to another place and time at the right time.
{shout outs from:ej flavors, fave, todd kelley}

[click here to listen…right click to download]
tracks on this podcast…

  1. Red RainPeter Gabriel
  2. Mmm Mmm Mmm MmmCrash Test Dummies
  3. Hold Me NowThe Thompson Twins
  4. Will We Ever LearnOleta Adams
  5. Every Little KissBruce Hornsby & the Range
  6. Eye to EyeGo West
  7. Human NatureMiles Davis
  8. Song Of The MermaidsGaia
  9. Church Of TreesLiz Story
  10. Vincent’s EarMichael Franks
  11. StrangerElectric Light Orchestra
  12. Human NatureMichael Jackson
  13. Children’s CrusadeSting
  14. Running Up That HillKate Bush
  15. Do Me BabyPrince
  16. Beyond The HorizonGaia
  17. Love Over And Over AgainSwitch
  18. Betcha By Golly WowNorman Connors Featuring Phyllis Hyman

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This podcast is all over the place (in my eyes) but it’s a good thing. Couple of the tracks are kind of on the world music side but it’s all good. A couple tracks you may have heard from my earlier ThriftStoreGems podcast but I’m sure you will not mind as long as the tunes are nice.

Quick shout out to Nikki, Anjibee, Anewlis, Fave, Doug Fresh for really cool podcasts. Our sister in podcasting[Nikki] will be off grid for a minute due to her work schedule…your podcast will be missed.
I have a track in this podcast from Joe Sample/Lalah Hathway and a great tune from the late/great Al Wilson. ^_^ TGrundy put together a very nice podcast in honor of Mr. Wilson.

Enjoy the music and give me some feedback in reference to this podcast and some of my earlier podcast.

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music tracks in playing order
01. Letschti Nacht-Wilbert Junior Gill, Stephan Urwyler
03. Lost In Experimental Garbage-Tho|So|Aa
04. Ja Mudh Ja-Da Saz
05. Dreaming At The Wheel-Sam Cardon
06. The Voodoo Blues-Peter Samuels
07. Come Along with Me-Joe Sample/Lalah Hathaway
08. Ain’t Got No Love Dub-Dubmatix
09. Show and Tell-Al Wilson
10. Loverin’-Mark Weinstein
11. Home Life-John Mayer
12. Alice’s Fax-Öhman Organ Grinders
13. Walking Through Walls-Philip Aaberg

music from iodapromonet

CaribeyeWilbert Junior Gill, Stephan Urwyler
“Letschti Nacht” (mp3)
from “Caribeye”
(PInk DoGG)
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“Lost In Experimental Garbage” (mp3)
from “Absorb”
(Tesco Distribution Germany)
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Jet LagDa Saz
“Ja Mudh Ja” (mp3)
from “Jet Lag”
(Phat Phish Records)
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Chill Out - JazzPeter Samuels
“The Voodoo Blues” (mp3)
from “Chill Out – Jazz”
(Global Journey)
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Dread & Gold - Dub from the Smoke FactoryDubmatix
“Ain’t Got No Love Dub” (mp3)
from “Dread & Gold – Dub from the Smoke Factory”
(7 Arts Entertainment)
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Straight No ChaserMark Weinstein
“Loverin'” (mp3)
from “Straight No Chaser”
(Jazzheads Records)
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Ã�hman Organ GrindersÖhman Organ Grinders
“Alice’s Fax” (mp3)
from “Ã�hman Organ Grinders”
(Four Leaf Clover Records)
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intro music provided by todd kelley
outro music: hey by nicolay

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