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These podcasts I find myself coming back time and time again, laid back, relaxing podcast. I guess this past week has been long one and I was hoping to publish this podcast last week but time got away from me. This podcast was a little long for me as well (close to 90 minutes). I’m going to get back to having just an hour a little over.

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  1. Heather’s Song-Andy McKee
  2. The Lady and The Sea-Special EFX
  3. Consolation-Rick Peller
  4. Walk And Talk Like Angels-Toni Childs
  5. Honeymoon Nights-Mark Isham
  6. Strawberry Letter 23-The Brothers Johnson
  7. Trail of Tears-Peter Buffett
  8. People-Level 42
  9. Day By Day-Point of Grace
  10. Home Life-John Mayer
  11. Time and the River-Fred Simon
  12. Mercy Street-Peter Gabriel
  13. Geometry-Michael Manring
  14. The Way That I Want You-Tanita Tikaram
  15. Riverwalk-Spyro Gyra
  16. Show Me-Seal
  17. Visiting-Will Ackerman
  18. Jamaica Farewell-Earl Klugh

Heather’s Song by Andy McKee remind me of a autumn day and for me Autumn is a time for new beginnings. Just sitting here listening to this song brings a smile to my face and my love more and more for artists who has the gift to make the acoustic guitar shine in a world where electronic samples dominates the music airwaves. I hope one day to see this gentleman in concert.

If you have been following my blog you know I am a huge fan of Special EFX. This is one group I wish I would have had a chance to see live. The late George Jinda still blows me away whenever I hear perform on their tracks. “The Lady and the Sea” is a very mellow/laid back track that makes me miss the 80s when it comes to their music and the 90s when I finally began realizing that I wasn’t going back to my old neighborhood.

Rick Peller’s “Consolation” from the Windham Hill Piano Sampler is beautiful and yet makes you reflect at the same time. Sometimes hearing compositions like this can make me break down and cry because for me it forces me to think about everything I have went through growing up…the loneliness, the crushes I had on young ladies that in the end never gave me a second look but for some reason made me keep moving forward because deep down I knew God had a plan for me.

Toni Childs‘ “Walk and Talk Like Angels” is one of those tunes that brings an image of a young, beautiful, innocent lady with a long Autumn Dress that is on a swing. This was a song that brings to mind wholesome, quality companionship because in the rush, rush world it’s good to just slow down.

The music from Mark Isham has been memorizing/haunting/surreal and “Honeymoon Nights” is no exception. I love and respect trumpet players and when you can blend acoustic and electronic with a hint ambient that is really cool. From his self-titled LP every track to me is a journey of making you take time and soak in every track.

You can not tell me that Strawberry Letter 23 by the Brothers Johnson does not make you lean back in a chair and just “chill”. Two thing I truly realize now…Louis Johnson is a heck of a bassist and Lee Ritenour made that guitar solo bumped this track up to another level.

Back in the late 80s I work as a overnight janitor cleaning Target stores and I came across this compilation LP from the Narada label, and the song “Trail of Tears” by Peter Buffett made me feel when the Native Americans were forced to relocate. For me, it lets me know that America is still paying for that horrible mistake.

To me, Level 42 never received the respect here in the states for their gift of not only nice music arrangements but song writing. Mark King, Mark Lindup and the Gould Brothers. Standing in the Light has some great tunes on the LP and “People” is a very soft but truth telling song with lead vocals by keyboardist Mark Lindup.

Growing up in church I was turned off by some of the songs I heard because to me they seemed so…depressing. Years later I began hearing songs by BeBe & CeCe, The Newsboys, Kirk Franklin. This let me know that it was cool to have upbeat music arrangements and still respect God. I find myself following Christians songs and this track “Day by Day” by Point of Grace is pretty cool and makes me truly thank my Lord and Savior every day for situations He has brought me through.

My favorite LP by John Mayer is “Heavier Things”. It’s a rarity for me to enjoy EVERY track on a vocal LP but this one I played over and over and I hooked my queen on his music. This is another guy that not only plays the guitar well but is a very smart/witty song writer. “Home Life” I think tells my life story and again takes me to a Autumn day (you see a pattern here with me when it comes to the Fall season…I can’t wait).

What can I say about this gifted pianist/keyboardist that the critics have not said about him. I have Fred Simon’s “Usually/Always” on cassette LP and the CD. This track “Time and the River” is only on the CD. Whenever I hear any of his tracks from this LP I think of a soundtrack. I know this song has never been in a movie but it makes me think “movie”. Produced by well known acoustic bassist Steve Rodby I’m glad I held on to the cassette LP close to 15 years.

When hearing the “So” LP by Peter Gabriel for me the first thing I think of is the X-Files. His songs I think would fit perfect in that series (especially Seasons 1-5). “Mercy Street” is a song that I pictured in a novel and screenplay (which I never wrote). For me Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush has tracks that make me think of a grim futurist era that there once was hope then lost and trying to get back to that time of optimist again.

I hope to see Michael Manring in concert one day. This blessed bassist not only good when playing with an ensemble but I hear his solo concerts are something to check out as well. This bass solo track “Geometry” from his “Toward the Center of the Night” is really impressive. I have been following Michael Manring for a minute and I have to admit, I miss his days when he was at Windham Hill but time marches on and we can’t live in the past but thank God I have his earlier work to take me back to that time and place

Everybody know my love for Tanita Tikaram. I love her husky/sultry/haunting voice. Just about every track I hear from her I truly love and “The Way That I Want You” ranks up there for me as beautiful. I don’t know if she still performs but I have to work hard to get other LPs from her.

Some artists take me back to when I first moved over here to Missouri, when I was single this LP by Spyro Grya does that for me. “Point of View” to me is one of best work. I love the vibes sounds from Dave Samuels, the keyboard work of Tom Schuman and of course the sax work of Jay Beckenstein. “Riverwalk” is a very laid back, relaxing Sunday morning song to play while you’re having breakfast with that special someone.

Seal’s first LP was a very refreshing because for me it was very different and innovative because some of the songs blended together and Wendy and Lisa (from Prince) working on this project was really cool. Even though “Violet” is my favorite cut on this LP “Show Me” ranks up there for me as well. For me it’s really sad that many musicians in the UK truly love putting together quality music and I miss the Black bands here in the states. I love how string arrangements are arranged on this track.

One person I would love to sit in on and watch him work would be William Ackerman. The founder of Windham Hill records (who sold it in ’96 to Sony/BMG to get back to his roots of recording in a small setting) has this very beautiful song “Waiting”. With the help of Michael Manring, the late Chuck Greenberg(founder of the group Shadowfax) . This song will relax the most stressed out person because of the arrangements of the acoustic guitar/fretless bass/and the lyricon

Wrapping up this music set is a cool track from one of my favorite acoustic guitarist Earl Klugh. “Jamaica Farewell” from his “Late Night Guitar” LP is very soothing, full of warmth and makes me slump down in my chair with the sheer feeling of delightful feelings.

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{shout outs from: Todd Kelley, Fave, Macedonia}


late last night I began getting songs from my library and before i knew i had songs for a podcast and for a change it was pretty cool just going with the flow. Some of the songs you may have heard and they may bring back memories for you. Big shout out to because she really inspired this podcast (you truly have a gift for great music sista…keep doing what ya doing ^_~ )

Enjoy the tunes folks…
{click here to listen…right click to download}
01.Let Your Love Flow-The Bellamy Brothers
02.At Seventeen-Janis Ian
03.Promises, Promises-Naked Eyes
04.Theme from Shaft-Isaac Hayes
05.Around the World-Daft Punk
06.Be Connected-Jackie McCullough
07.De Do Do Do,De Da Da Da-The Police
08.Turn It on Again-Genesis
09.All the Love-The Outfield
10.Jewel-Musrat Fateh Ali Khan
11.Steam Trains To The Milky Way-Danny Wilson
12.WindSurfer-Steve Kindler and Teja Bell
13.Chinook Winds-Chet Atkins
14.Thy Kingdom Come-Special EFX

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This podcast is all over the place (in my eyes) but it’s a good thing. Couple of the tracks are kind of on the world music side but it’s all good. A couple tracks you may have heard from my earlier ThriftStoreGems podcast but I’m sure you will not mind as long as the tunes are nice.

Quick shout out to Nikki, Anjibee, Anewlis, Fave, Doug Fresh for really cool podcasts. Our sister in podcasting[Nikki] will be off grid for a minute due to her work schedule…your podcast will be missed.
I have a track in this podcast from Joe Sample/Lalah Hathway and a great tune from the late/great Al Wilson. ^_^ TGrundy put together a very nice podcast in honor of Mr. Wilson.

Enjoy the music and give me some feedback in reference to this podcast and some of my earlier podcast.

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music tracks in playing order
01. Letschti Nacht-Wilbert Junior Gill, Stephan Urwyler
03. Lost In Experimental Garbage-Tho|So|Aa
04. Ja Mudh Ja-Da Saz
05. Dreaming At The Wheel-Sam Cardon
06. The Voodoo Blues-Peter Samuels
07. Come Along with Me-Joe Sample/Lalah Hathaway
08. Ain’t Got No Love Dub-Dubmatix
09. Show and Tell-Al Wilson
10. Loverin’-Mark Weinstein
11. Home Life-John Mayer
12. Alice’s Fax-Öhman Organ Grinders
13. Walking Through Walls-Philip Aaberg

music from iodapromonet

CaribeyeWilbert Junior Gill, Stephan Urwyler
“Letschti Nacht” (mp3)
from “Caribeye”
(PInk DoGG)
More On This Album

“Lost In Experimental Garbage” (mp3)
from “Absorb”
(Tesco Distribution Germany)
More On This Album

Jet LagDa Saz
“Ja Mudh Ja” (mp3)
from “Jet Lag”
(Phat Phish Records)
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Chill Out - JazzPeter Samuels
“The Voodoo Blues” (mp3)
from “Chill Out – Jazz”
(Global Journey)
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Dread & Gold - Dub from the Smoke FactoryDubmatix
“Ain’t Got No Love Dub” (mp3)
from “Dread & Gold – Dub from the Smoke Factory”
(7 Arts Entertainment)
Buy at Rhapsody
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Straight No ChaserMark Weinstein
“Loverin'” (mp3)
from “Straight No Chaser”
(Jazzheads Records)
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Ã�hman Organ GrindersÖhman Organ Grinders
“Alice’s Fax” (mp3)
from “Ã�hman Organ Grinders”
(Four Leaf Clover Records)
More On This Album

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intro music provided by todd kelley
outro music: hey by nicolay

I have been sitting on this music for a while and now I have a chance to bring you these ThriftStoreGems. Two cassettes I have never listened to until I converted them. The cassette LPs I converted were Michael Kamen’s “Concerto for Saxophone“; Shadowfax’s “Esperanto“; Windham Hill Artists’ “A Winter’s Solstice 2

I truly enjoy this type of music because it makes me sit back and take stock of what’s going on with me and how thankful I am for what I have and what God has blessed me to achieve.

Enjoy the music
music track in playing order…
click here to listen{right click to download}
o1. Concerto for Sanborn and Orchestra 1nd Movement-Michael Kamen feat. David Sanborn
o2. Return Of The Nairobi Trio-Shadowfax
o3. The Gift-Philip Aaberg
o4. Helen Claire-Michael Kamen feat. David Sanborn
o5. Neither Here Nor There-Shadowfax
o6. 17th Century Canon-Paul McCandless
o7. Sasha-Michael Kamen feat. David Sanborn
o8. Foundwind-Shadowfax
o9. Prelude Cello Suite#1(GMajor)-Michael Hedges
1o. Zoe-Michael Kamen feat. David Sanborn
11. Sung to Sleep-Michael Manring
12. Moonskater-Shadowfax

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into music: artie traum
outro music: andy mckee

I don’t know why but for some reason songs from Steely Dan and Donald Fagen has been on my mind for a while. I have wanted to do a Steely Dan/Donald Fagen podcast but the Godfather of podcasting had already created some really cool podcast but my mind would not let me drop it so here it is.

Walter Becker’s website

These tracks are going to be from Steely Dan’s
Everything Must Go
Two Against Nature

and Donald Fagen’s…
The Nightfly
Morph the Cat

Another thing is that I’m breaking these down into 2 podcast because I did not want to put 18 tracks all on one podcast (I’m trying to keep my podcast about an hour or a little over). You know down the road there will be more Steely Dan/Donald Fagen but for now I’m taking baby steps. I can’t put my finger on it but whenever I hear Steely Dan or Donald Fagen tune I just have to stop and listen.

Enjoy the music

Steely Dan/Donald Fagen LP1
click here to listen{right click to download}
music tracks in playing order…
o1. Black Cow(from Aja)
o2. Trans-Island Skyway(from Kamakiriad)
o3. Aja(from Aja)
o4. Countermoon(from Kamakiriad)
o5. Babylon Sisters(from Gaucho)
o6. Morph the Cat(from Morph the Cat)
o7. Hey Nineteen(from Gaucho)
o8. H Gang(from Morph the Cat)
o9. Peg{instrumental}(from Aja DVD)

Steely Dan/Donald Fagen LP2
click here to listen{right click to download}
music tracks in playing order…
o1. The Last Mall(from Everything Must Go)
o2. I.G.Y.(from The Nightfly)
o3. Things I Miss the Most(from Everything Must Go)
o4. Green Flower Street(from The Nightfly)
o5. True Companion(from Gold)
o6. Gaslighting Abbie(from Two Against Nature)
o7. Century’s End(from Gold)
o8. What a Shame About Me(from Two Against Nature)
o9. Josie{instrumental}(from Aja DVD)

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This is a podcast I have wanted to put together for the longest and now it’s finally here. Special EFX has been one of my favorite duos for close to 20 years. I will admit up front this is the first of 3 podcast for this group because with the four cassette LPs I’m showcasing I love every cut on each of their LPs. I will be bringing you three tracks from “Slice of Life”, “Mystique”, “Double Feature”, and “Just Like Magic.

First hearing Chieli Minucci and the late George Jinda back in the late 80s defined my ears for Smooth Jazz/New Age/World Fusion music forever. I am so glad that Minucci is continuing the Special EFX group since the passing of George in 2001. I hope you enjoy the tracks as much as I had a great time putting this together.

Let me know what you think of the tunes. Email me at…

click here to listen{right click to download}

music tracks in playing order…
o1. Uptown East(from Slice of Life)
o2. Hands of the Healer(from Mystique)
o3. Lady and the Sea(from Double Feature)
o4. Ballerina(from Just Like Magic)
o5. The Flow(from Slice of Life)
o6. Rainy Sunday(from Mystique)
o7. Jamaica, Jamaica(from Double Feature)
o8. Jazz Lambada(from Just Like Magic)
o9. Aquabogue(from Slice of Life)
1o. Udu Voodoo(from Mystique)
11. Passages(from Double Features)
12. Lovely Michelle(from Just Like Magic)
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ThriftStoreGems: Special EFX vol. 2 in the works as we speak

Another day, another podcast. I hope everyone has had a great work week and now it’s time for you to kick back, relax and check out the tunes I have for this weekend. Like my new look for my blog. It was funny because I had one template and I guess around the same time Firefox was doing there updates but I thought it was the template that was not stable so I changed it to this and at first I didn’t dig it but now I love and it’s gonna stay for a while.

Enough about my sad story, this week picks is as always, an eclectic array of tunes that I think will tickle the fancy of everyone. One track that’s been getting heavy rotation on my iPod has been by Renee Sebastian. It’s amazing how sometimes when you just ask you will be amazed on what you get. She is a member of the cool site SoulCommune and I happened to see her space and played the video by her and loved the song. I am emailed her to see if I could use her track and not only did she send me the track but the video for the track as well. Other podcast from this past week was really on point and of course I will have them listed in the show notes. So many talented podcasters that are doing their thing. I am just happy to have gotten the nerve to throw my hat in this music ring.

Download{right click here and enjoy}
Side o1
o1. Mysterious Stranger(~03:28)-Artie Traum
o2. These Are The Signs(~07:58)-Renee Sebastian
o3. Adult Content/Brief Nudity(~11:00)-Michael Manring
o4. 99(~14:48)-Toto
o5. Anything But No(~20:05)-Fave{Big La Remix}
o6. Agama(~23:29) (Traditional tune that i wanted to cover)-Franck Colman, Black Yovo
o7. An Evening At Home(~31:07) – Part 1-Steve Hogarty
Side o2
o8. Moving The River(~36:21)-Prefab Sprout
o9. Song for Joel(~40:09) (Studio)-Shaun Fisher
1o. Gasolina Remix 2005(~43:30)-DJ Fila-AB Fiesta-Daddy Yankee- NORE-Pit Bul-daddy yankee
11. Making Whoopee(~49:13)-Stephane Grappelli
12. Sugar, Sugar(~52:41)-The Archies
13. Edge of the Ocean(~55:35)-ivy
14. Him(~59:56)-Rupert Holmes
15. Don’t Disturb This Groove(~01:04:26)-The System
Bonus Tracks
16. Etherea Borealis(~01:09:36)-Aurah
17. Starfield Part 1(~01:14:56)-Felixdroid
18. The Camera Never Lies(~01:29:37)-Michael Franks
19. Snakes and Ladders(~01:33:11)-Joni Mitchell

podcast this past week that caught my attention…
The Struggle With Unforgiveness
Todd Kelley[The Background Flow – Volume 6]
DJ Diva
The Sounds of Phuture Frequency with Q the Physicist
IR Chicago #19 – Relaxin’ with Kara Jean
DYKC?™ #20 — Perfectionism + Pride = Procrastination
RIBS TPTD: Xquizzyt Soul-Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes, O’Jays and Spinners…
The Meltdown: Prognosis Borderline
Sunday Soundtrack – 13 Apr 08
friday favecast-move

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intro music by todd kelley

music from
Agama ConceptFranck Colman, Black Yovo
“Agama” (mp3)
from “Agama Concept”
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An Evening At HomeSteve Hogarty
“An Evening At Home – Part 1” (mp3)
from “An Evening At Home”
(Global Journey)
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Body & SoulShaun Fisher
“Song for Joel” (mp3)
from “Body & Soul”
(Goin Native Records)
More On This Album

Loving Annabelle - Original Film ScoreAurah
“Etherea Borealis” (mp3)
from “Loving Annabelle – Original Film Score”
(Very Music)
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The cool thing about not having a format you can play and listen to anything you wish. But as my favorite detective Adrian Monk says, “it’s a blessing…and a curse”. When having a little bit of every type of music in your line up you get a little bit of everyone and it may take you little longer to build a following. I’m looking at my podcast now as a conduit for music to let people know it’s cool to listen to The Carpenters and Sound Garden in one whop.

When it comes to me picking music it’s no formula I go by in most cases. Sometimes I may put together a podcast by lyrics, or by certain musicians that stand out to me at the time but for most of the time what ever composition pops in my head and if it blends together in my mind I put it together.

A BIG welcome to my brother in podcasting Fave. Last Friday he came back with a great podcasts[the return] & [throwback] and I know I speak for many of my brothers and sisters in podcasting that this cat has made us all step our game up when it comes to putting together a show.

Another podcast that stood out to me this week is from Nikki’s Soulrific episode #3. This music takes me back when I used to sit in the barber shop, listening to everyone shoot the breeze while laid back, smooth soul, Jazz, R&B music play in the background.

DJ Diva put together a on point podcast with music of Frankie Beverly & Maze. Whenever I hear Maze feat. Frankie Beverly reminds me of all of the Budweiser Superfest this group has hosted over the years. I remember seeing him in concert back in the 90s at the Superdome in New Orleans.

Happy Birthday Eve and Suni T!!!

Download{right click and you’re on your way! }
Side 1
o1. Glamorous-Fergie feat. Ludicris(~o2:52)(o4:o6)
o2. Folsom Prison Blues-Johnny Cash(~o6:54)(o2:39)
o3. Los Dj Del Cameroon-Zilo Groove(~o9:32)(o5:oo)
o4. Okusosola Mukule-Birgwa(~14:29)(o5:45)
o5. Over The Bridge-Chocolate Tannoy(~2o:o8)(o4:43)
06. Dancin’-Chris Isaak(~24:25)(o3:46)
o7. Orange Guitars-Jimmy Haslip(~28:o7)(o8:11)

Side 2
o8. Yellow-Tom Tallitsch(~36:22)(o8:25)
o9. Red Room-Single Cell Orchestra(~44:42)(o6:35)
1o. Gone Ridin’-Chris Isaak(~51:o6)(o2:39)
11. Indian Woman-Rubaja And Hernandez(~53:35)(o5:32)
12. Mister garden part one-Trotanix[The Trilogy](~58:38)(o3:o1)
13. The Diva Station-Andy Summers(~o1:o5:12)(o5:39)
14. Sojourner-Paul McCandless(~o1:1o:34)(o8:53)

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intro music provided by todd kelley

most music provided by

music from iodapromonet…
Zilo Groove 2008 Instrumental Collection Part 02Zilo Groove
“Los Dj Del Cameroon” (mp3)
from “Zilo Groove 2008 Instrumental Collection Part 02”
(Multidimensions Music Cartel)
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“Okusosola Mukule” (mp3)
from “Birigwa”
(Porter Records)
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Melting PointChocolate Tannoy
“Over The Bridge” (mp3)
from “Melting Point”
(TRL Music)
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More On This Album

Medicine ManTom Tallitsch
“Yellow” (mp3)
from “Medicine Man”
(OA2 Records)
Buy at GroupieTunes
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OptSingle Cell Orchestra
“Red Room” (mp3)
from “Celldom V.1:Opt”
(Cyberset Music)
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The TrilogyTrotanix
“Mister garden part one” (mp3)
from “The Trilogy”
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This is a podcast where the music comes from my library. This past week was a time for me to begin turning back to things that are important to me, getting my head out of the news and back into the God’s word. It also made me realized what I need to be feeding my mind. I’m not looking at life through rose colored glasses but at the same time if one keeps looking at the latest polls, car crashes, what politicians is doing what to who you begin to look at the world in a cynical way so for me finding music that I am familiar with sometimes helps me cope with what is going on around me.

This selection of music is to relax, bring a smile to your face and just allow you to reflect on what’s new, what’s old, what’s works for you and what does not.

With this podcast, no time line from me, just let the music flow. I hope this selection of tunes makes you take time for yourself.


click here to listen{right click to download}
o1. africaandy mckee
o2. sails of joygovi
o3. aerial bounderiesmichael hedges
o4. Caravan of Dreamspeter white
o5. i can’t let golee ritenour
o6. on the movepaul taylor
o7. between friends3rd force
o8. moveearl klugh
o9. theme from law & ordermike post
1o. i never will knowmark isham feat. tanita tikaram
11. ajasteely dan
12. steppin’ outpaul taylor
13. river of lost souls-wind machine
14. deliver me(extended version)praiz

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music podcast that caught my ear this past week

knowledge podcast that is good to hear again and again

It has taking me a minute to get another ThriftStoreGems converted but I am happy to say it is…complete. This one I am really happy to bring you because of the musicians I have had a chance to convert the cassette LPs for me has been a blessing to sit back and listen to the music. My main love with music is the instrumental tunes. Even before I knew to call the instrumentals (back in the day I would call them “music without words” or worse…”elevator music”)

The four artists I will be showcasing I really enjoy listening to time and time again. One LP is a duo(Steve Rodby and Ross Traut) a pianist (Liz Story) and pianist/keyboardist (Fred Simon). Three of the artists have recorded on the Windham Hill Record label when Will Ackerman was at the helm (and to me that is when the record label was at its best). One thing about this selection of music is that it’s cool to play this to unwind, when having dinner guest over, chilling with you and sweetheart.

One cassette I have had for over 10 years, one I found at the thrift store and the other I also have on CD but I converted the cassette to digital for sentimental reason(this cassette LP I have also owned for over 10 years). I have to admit the Duo Life cassette LP by Steve Rodby and Ross Traut had to grow on me. This is the cassette I have had in my possession for over 10 years and the other track I truly enjoyed was the cover song, “People Make the World Go Round”. It was only this past week that sitting and converting it that I truly began to appreciate the great work by these two gifted musicians. Ross Traut being a talented guitarist who has played with Michael Franks(my hero), Jaco Pastorius, Gil Goldstein, Cliff Carter, Pat Metheny, Narada Michael Walden, Steve Morse, Mark Egan, Danny Gottleib and Hiram Bullock.

Steve Rodby first caught my ear when I heard him lay down the bass line on Fred Simon’s “Usually/Always” tune. Later I found out that he has been with The Pat Methany Group for a while and he has also produced for Fred Simon and Michael Manring (another great bassist in his on right). I have a couple of Pat Methany CDs but I am blessed to have held on to his recording with Ross [Traut] and I blessed to have really come to appreciate his solo bass work on Duo Life.

Liz Story is one of the artists that began on the Windham Hill label. I first heard her play when purchasing the Windham Hill 86 Sampler(which I have that sampler on CD and cassette). I listen to her when I have had a stressful day and the only instrument I wish to hear is the piano. Some of her composition brings tears of joy to my eyes and sometime if I need to go to sleep I can through on a couple of tunes from this gifted pianist and I am off to la-la land. Imagine my surprise coming across a cassette LP of Ms. Story at our local thrift store. I snatched that up with a quickness and now I am able to bringing my favorite tracks from this cassette LP

The first time I hear “Usually/Always” track on the radio I admittedly called the radio station and asked what artist was that and when I found out it was Fred Simon I had to run out buy the cassette LP. This cassette is over 10 years old but I never grow tired this entire LP. It’s a wonder I never wore out the cassette because I played it to death. I think Fred Simon has only recorded one LP on the Windham Hill label and I have to begin trying to find other recording by this wonderful keyboardist. Steve Rodby produced this LP and also places the acoustic bass on every track which is a true treat (this is how I find out about many musicians by reading the liner notes).

I was so tempted to put every track from this LP on this podcast but that would have been greedy and I truly think you should have this LP in your music catalog. I love the percussions, I love the vocal harmony, the synthesizers, for me it gives me that, “finding true love feeling” with most tracks. The only track that has a somber/dramatic feel to it is “Bad Lands” which I love the sliding guitar and strong drum line in this track. What was really cool is when I finally purchased the CD and it had an extra track on it (I will have to post that another time).

Enjoy this podcast because I had fun picking out the tunes.

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Steve Rodby/Ross Traut-Duo Life
o1. people make the world go round(~o3:33)(o4:2o)
o2. don’t make me over(~o7:51)(o5:o2)
o3. trout stream(~12:43)(o4:43)
04. Three Wishes(~19:o4)(o6:o9)
o5. It’s Gonna Take a Miracle(~25:o2)(o5:42)

Liz Story-Solid Colors

o1. Wedding Rain(~33:1o)(o5:43)
o2. Hymn(~38:41)(o4:20)
o3. Solid Colors(~42:53)(o4:41)
o4. White Heart(~49:15)(o2:11)
o5. Water Caves(~51:18)(o3:10)

Fred Simon-Usually/Always
o1. Usually/Always(~57:52)(o5:34)
o2. Nin(~1:o3:15)(o5:21)
o3. That Fall(~1:o8:23)(o5:o2)
o4. Air for Sarah(~1:18:11)(o6:17)
o5. Badlands(~1:24:o6)(o7:o4)

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