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I didn’t expect this podcast to be this long. It’s only 13 tracks but I think it’s the length of some of the songs(it’s all good). Well, this week I begin school and I’m looking forward to this class. This podcast will be my last for a minute because I really wish to concentrate on my studies. Last week podcast tunes were from iodapromonet…this podcast will showcase music from some of my favorite artists that when I began listening to smooth jazz these artists(most are jazz and some in this line up you would consider pop, rock) not help my knowledge of music but the musicians and sometimes when I was having a rough day kickin’ back and listening to these tracks gave me that “second wind” get going again.[read more]

[to download…right click here]

  1. Seven Years Of Good LuckJoe Sample
  2. Gaslighting AbbieSteely Dan
  3. Night RhythmSpecial EFX
  4. Truce*-Curios(thanx Tom Cowley for sending me your groups track to showcase)
  5. Climbing in GeometryWill Ackerman
  6. Sunday Morning Here with YouMichael Franks
  7. Into the BlueBoney James
  8. Wait for MeHall & Oates
  9. When Last We SpokeMichael Manring
  10. Christmas Time Is Here [Instrumental]-Colin Bailey/Monty Budwig/Vince Guaraldi
  11. AfricaGeorge Howard
  12. Peculiar SituationEarl Klugh
  13. Street LifeThe Crusaders feat. Randy Crawford

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I’m sorry I had to do it but I have to kick my ol’ friend Roxio 6 to the curb. This is the second time I tried to use it to convert Chet Atkins LP and when it came to saving the file it would not let me.


Now I’m installing Nero. I really hate this. Not that Nero is not a good program but along with Roxio 6, it’s a HOG of a program. I may download Audacity because I want something that’s small and will get the job done. Now I have to learn a new software. Oh well, could have been worse, I could not have had other options.

Life of a geek, sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating, never boring.

Hello everyone…it’s me, DarrenKeith, the creator of the blog, ‘Theology & Technology’ starting a blog that’s dear to my heart as well…music. Let me start by saying how I truly love contempary Jazz and New Age or Mood Music or whatever it’s called, I truly enjoy listening to music.

As a kid when I listen to Rock (and I do mean true rock, Areosmith, Queen, Boston, Peter get the jist) I always read the credits…who played on the album, who wrote the songs, who produced the LP, where it was recorded, when it was recorded, which musicians played on the each track, the whole gambit and I mostly paid attention to the musicians not so much of the singers because to me, the musicians made the song. When listening to Parliment/Funkadelic, Lakeside, Ohio Players, Con Fun Shun, War the same thing.

Fast forward to the 90’s when I really began listening to Contempary Jazz and New Age, I remember one of the first instrumental songs that stuck in my head was Acoustic Alchemy‘s Overnight Sleeper. I remember driving to work down the highway at 5am and hearing that song for the first time…MAN that blew me away. To here acoustic guitars played like that..whooo.

Well that track is not on the CD I’m listening to now but Acoustic Alchemy’s, ‘The Very Best of ‘ is worth picking up. Here are the songs on the CD;

  1. mr. chow
  2. catalina kiss
  3. ariane
  4. jamaica heartbeat*
  5. caravan of dreams
  6. playing for time*
  7. lazeez
  8. the stone circle*
  9. the alchemist
  10. shoot the loop
  11. same road, same reason*
  12. cool as a rule
  13. georgia peach*
  14. casino
  15. reference point
  16. red dust and spanish lace

Of course the tracks with the asteriks are my favorite tracks I could listen to over and over. Mr. Chow reminds me when I was a stocker at Ann Taylor in Plaza Frontenac, Ladue, MO…that is when Acoustic Alchemy really began to grow on me. I remember buying the cassette (yes sir…I said cassette) of the LP Blue Chip (I thought the track, Overnite Sleeper was on the cassette but wasn’t).

Listen to their music takes me back to lighting candles on a Saturday night in my living room and laying on the couch just chillin’.

Playing for time…man, that’s a summer evening song being with the one you love. Sitting on your patio, having that night air blow on you and baby, just being in his or her presence is all you need. With the keyboard playing of Terry Disley and the harmonizine vocals of percussionist Mario Argandona makes me smile from ear to ear.

I’m sorry I never had a chance to see them live when Nick Webb was alive, I mean him and Greg Carmichael made an awsome duo. The only person that gives them a run for their money is Earl Klugh (but that’s another blog all in itself.)

The Track Lazeez is not short stopping. The finger picking style on the track is so cool. Has that Flamingo feel to it..sunset kind of thing going on. The percussions on this track and a section in the song where they’re holding the strings and strumming them is just great.

The Stone Circle, to me this track hits me as if I’m driving as the sun is just coming over the mountains…a long night out with good friends and now you and your honey are just driving with no destination…looking over at her thanking the Lord He blessed you with someone so sweet, so understanding.

Shoot the Loop is just a fun song all in it’s self. To me this songs puts me in the mind of watching the waves on the Atlantic ocean.

The track Same Road, Same Reason, is a song to me when you and your baby are just being silly with one another…dancing silly, making silly faces, being able to be yourselves around one another.

Cool as a Rule, simple melodies, laid back with an electric piano riff thrown in there, a little saxophone, and the percussions make this track a happy little tune.

Georgia Peach is a song where you just chillin’ on the porch looking out at an autumn sky, just being there is good enough for you at that moment.

The thing that blows me away is how Greg and Nick come up with these melodies…I mean the arrangements, the timing, the songs just blow me away.

Go out and get the CD and their earlier CD on the GRP label…trust me, you will thank me. Well until next time….Be blessed, Be Safe and Happy Listening.

Next week CD discussing….????

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