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here it is close to 3am and I’m recording ANOTHER podcast(this is what I get for falling asleep at 8pm…but it’s all good). I guess this is a blessing because I will be very busy starting this upcoming Monday until December because of working my jobs and school so it’s best I try and get as many podcasts under my belt. I love relaxing music because it makes me reflect, count my blessings, and appreciate that God has giving me the gift and drive to put these podcasts together.

Kick back and enjoy this 3rd installment of MyLoveForMusic:Twilight Volume 3.

{click here to listen…right click to download}
o1.A Sunday at HomeRalf Illenberger(Narada Guitar:15 Years of Collected Works)
o2.DodoDave Matthews(Some Devil)
o3.Bermuda TriangleArtie Traum(Acoustic Jazz Guitar)
o4.HeavenBeBe & CeCe Winans(Greatest Hits)
o5.West EndSteve Oliver(First View)
o6.Yet AgainDemania[de Grassi/Manring/Garcia](Demania)
o7.Love LipsBob James w/Earl Klugh(One on One)
o8.Hands of TimeGroove Armada(Soundtrack Collateral)
o9.Waiting For the RainsColin Chin(Circadian Rhythms)
1o.Air for KeetuPaul Winter(Canyon Lullaby)
11.Frogs On IceMike Marshall and Darol Anger:The Duo Live(At Home And On The Range)
12.Black WatersThe Doobie Brothers(Best of the Doobies)
13.No Wontons for ElvisMichael Manring(The Book of Flame)
14.A Month of SundaysDon Henley(Building the Perfect Beast)
15.Sunset GrillDon Henley(Building the Perfect Beast)
16.Whenever You’re AroundJill Scott/George Duke(The Real Thing: Words and Sounds, Vol. 3)
17.Glory GloryWayman Tisdale(Hang Time)

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shout outs to all of the podcasters that inspire me, push me to do my best so I can bring some of the best laid back music to the masses and to let you(the listeners) know that good music is still being made…you just have to seek it out, you will not be disappointed.


late last night I began getting songs from my library and before i knew i had songs for a podcast and for a change it was pretty cool just going with the flow. Some of the songs you may have heard and they may bring back memories for you. Big shout out to because she really inspired this podcast (you truly have a gift for great music sista…keep doing what ya doing ^_~ )

Enjoy the tunes folks…
{click here to listen…right click to download}
01.Let Your Love Flow-The Bellamy Brothers
02.At Seventeen-Janis Ian
03.Promises, Promises-Naked Eyes
04.Theme from Shaft-Isaac Hayes
05.Around the World-Daft Punk
06.Be Connected-Jackie McCullough
07.De Do Do Do,De Da Da Da-The Police
08.Turn It on Again-Genesis
09.All the Love-The Outfield
10.Jewel-Musrat Fateh Ali Khan
11.Steam Trains To The Milky Way-Danny Wilson
12.WindSurfer-Steve Kindler and Teja Bell
13.Chinook Winds-Chet Atkins
14.Thy Kingdom Come-Special EFX

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This is a podcast I have wanted to put together for the longest and now it’s finally here. Special EFX has been one of my favorite duos for close to 20 years. I will admit up front this is the first of 3 podcast for this group because with the four cassette LPs I’m showcasing I love every cut on each of their LPs. I will be bringing you three tracks from “Slice of Life”, “Mystique”, “Double Feature”, and “Just Like Magic.

First hearing Chieli Minucci and the late George Jinda back in the late 80s defined my ears for Smooth Jazz/New Age/World Fusion music forever. I am so glad that Minucci is continuing the Special EFX group since the passing of George in 2001. I hope you enjoy the tracks as much as I had a great time putting this together.

Let me know what you think of the tunes. Email me at…

click here to listen{right click to download}

music tracks in playing order…
o1. Uptown East(from Slice of Life)
o2. Hands of the Healer(from Mystique)
o3. Lady and the Sea(from Double Feature)
o4. Ballerina(from Just Like Magic)
o5. The Flow(from Slice of Life)
o6. Rainy Sunday(from Mystique)
o7. Jamaica, Jamaica(from Double Feature)
o8. Jazz Lambada(from Just Like Magic)
o9. Aquabogue(from Slice of Life)
1o. Udu Voodoo(from Mystique)
11. Passages(from Double Features)
12. Lovely Michelle(from Just Like Magic)
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ThriftStoreGems: Special EFX vol. 2 in the works as we speak

The cool thing about not having a format you can play and listen to anything you wish. But as my favorite detective Adrian Monk says, “it’s a blessing…and a curse”. When having a little bit of every type of music in your line up you get a little bit of everyone and it may take you little longer to build a following. I’m looking at my podcast now as a conduit for music to let people know it’s cool to listen to The Carpenters and Sound Garden in one whop.

When it comes to me picking music it’s no formula I go by in most cases. Sometimes I may put together a podcast by lyrics, or by certain musicians that stand out to me at the time but for most of the time what ever composition pops in my head and if it blends together in my mind I put it together.

A BIG welcome to my brother in podcasting Fave. Last Friday he came back with a great podcasts[the return] & [throwback] and I know I speak for many of my brothers and sisters in podcasting that this cat has made us all step our game up when it comes to putting together a show.

Another podcast that stood out to me this week is from Nikki’s Soulrific episode #3. This music takes me back when I used to sit in the barber shop, listening to everyone shoot the breeze while laid back, smooth soul, Jazz, R&B music play in the background.

DJ Diva put together a on point podcast with music of Frankie Beverly & Maze. Whenever I hear Maze feat. Frankie Beverly reminds me of all of the Budweiser Superfest this group has hosted over the years. I remember seeing him in concert back in the 90s at the Superdome in New Orleans.

Happy Birthday Eve and Suni T!!!

Download{right click and you’re on your way! }
Side 1
o1. Glamorous-Fergie feat. Ludicris(~o2:52)(o4:o6)
o2. Folsom Prison Blues-Johnny Cash(~o6:54)(o2:39)
o3. Los Dj Del Cameroon-Zilo Groove(~o9:32)(o5:oo)
o4. Okusosola Mukule-Birgwa(~14:29)(o5:45)
o5. Over The Bridge-Chocolate Tannoy(~2o:o8)(o4:43)
06. Dancin’-Chris Isaak(~24:25)(o3:46)
o7. Orange Guitars-Jimmy Haslip(~28:o7)(o8:11)

Side 2
o8. Yellow-Tom Tallitsch(~36:22)(o8:25)
o9. Red Room-Single Cell Orchestra(~44:42)(o6:35)
1o. Gone Ridin’-Chris Isaak(~51:o6)(o2:39)
11. Indian Woman-Rubaja And Hernandez(~53:35)(o5:32)
12. Mister garden part one-Trotanix[The Trilogy](~58:38)(o3:o1)
13. The Diva Station-Andy Summers(~o1:o5:12)(o5:39)
14. Sojourner-Paul McCandless(~o1:1o:34)(o8:53)

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Zilo Groove 2008 Instrumental Collection Part 02Zilo Groove
“Los Dj Del Cameroon” (mp3)
from “Zilo Groove 2008 Instrumental Collection Part 02”
(Multidimensions Music Cartel)
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“Okusosola Mukule” (mp3)
from “Birigwa”
(Porter Records)
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Melting PointChocolate Tannoy
“Over The Bridge” (mp3)
from “Melting Point”
(TRL Music)
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Medicine ManTom Tallitsch
“Yellow” (mp3)
from “Medicine Man”
(OA2 Records)
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OptSingle Cell Orchestra
“Red Room” (mp3)
from “Celldom V.1:Opt”
(Cyberset Music)
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The TrilogyTrotanix
“Mister garden part one” (mp3)
from “The Trilogy”
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This I think is going to be a pretty cool netcast that feature artists that whenever I hear their music gives me that “warm and fuzzy” feeling inside. I am so glad I took the time to convert these cassettes and I hope you think so too.

For me Kenny Loggins is known more than just his songs from Top Gun, Caddy Shack. I was really blessed to find a cassette LP of his called “Love Songs of Kenny Loggins” He had songs on there that just blew me away so I am so glad I held on to this cassette and was able to convert it. I have looked all over the web for this on CD but can not find it. Thank goodness for the technology to digitize this.

When I first heard Special EFX I was a stocker at Ann Taylor(I feel as if I have told this story before…oh well) the the first track I ever heard from this duo was, “The Flow” and what captured my ear was the bird whistle in the song. So when I had an opportunity to grab their cassette LP “The Slice of Life” I jumped at it. Till then I have bought several of their LP and again while in a discount store I came across “Double Feature” and was blown away by each track on the LP. The smart guitar playing by Chieli Minucci and the strong percussion playing by the late George Jinda hooked me from day one.

I got my first wind of David Lanz when I was a night janitor cleaning Target stores and I came across a compilation cassette LP by Narada artists and later on that year I began working for The Nature Company where I came across the collaboration of David Lanz and Paul Speer. The cassette LP Natural States. I think the Discovery Channel has converted The Nature Company stores but it’s just not the same. One good thing is that I was able to learn about the artists from the Narada label.

Back in the 80s Level 42‘s song, “Something About You” was all over MTV(back when MTV was MTV…Music Television). It was something about this song that made me go to Streetside Records and buy this cassette LP “World Machine”. Once I got the LP home was hooked on the vocal and bass playing of Mark King and the vocals of Mike Lindup. Their sounds takes me back to Summer evenings being with your close friends are the one you love. Since then I have two other cassette LPs by Level 42 tracks on this netcast are from the Standing In Light.

Kick back, relax and let me take you to another place with these tracks.
{to listen click here…to download right click}

01. Kenny Loggins…….Keep The Fire
02. Special EFX……..Jamaica, Jamaica
03. Level 42…….Out of Sight, Out of Mind
04. David Lanz & Paul Speer…….Aleegro1985
05. Kenny Loggins…….Too Early For the Sun
06. Special EFX…..Just a Little Time
07. Level 42……I Want Eyes
08. David Lanz & Paul Speer……Behind the Waterfall
09. Kenny Loggins…….Sweet Reunion
10. Level 42…….People
11. David Lanz & Paul Speer…….Mountain
12. Special EFX…….Thy Kingdom Come

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For great information dealing with mental health issues check out Suni Torres website and netcast

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